Who can deliver the Familias Fuertes curriculum?

  • Familias Fuertes is intended to be delivered by three (3) trained, bi-lingual facilitators (one (1) for the parent/caregiver session and two (2) for the youth session). The three (3) facilitators will then deliver the family session curriculum as a group.  Additional staff members will include a program coordinator, participant recruiter, on-site arrangers, fidelity observers, and child-care providers.  The program can be delivered in the evenings or on weekends (or whenever the parents/caregivers and youth can attend together), and at any community location that can accommodate a meal, separate parent/caregiver and youth groups, larger group family activities, and child-care.
  • It is ideal for the site/agency to have all bi-lingual participants for the facilitator training, as well as subsequent delivery of the program to families.
  • It is highly recommended that ALL staff has current child abuse clearances.
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