What population is Familias Fuertes designed to target?

  • Familias Fuertes is a family skill-building program that is intended for youth ages 10-14 and their families (primary parents/caregivers) who are Spanish-speaking.  The caregiver(s) need not be the biological parent(s).
  • The program is generally offered to Spanish-speaking youth in grades 4-8, however youth in grades 5 and 6 are developmentally most receptive to the content of the curriculum.
  • Familias Fuertes is a strength-based prevention program designed to build on the existing skills of the family. The program is generally more effective when the cohort consists of a variety of families with a mix of skill levels and family functioning.  For this reason, families should be recruited through a variety of community resources, not exclusively through agency referrals (those serving juvenile delinquents and/or high-risk families). 
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