What special considerations are there for virtual implementation of Familias Fuertes due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Familias Fuertes program facilitator training continues to be held in-person, with all safety protocols and protections in place.  The training will be limiting the number and reach of participants and will adhere to all Iowa State University (ISU) and Pennsylvania safety guidelines.

Familias Fuertes can be delivered virtually.  There is a planning period with Cathy Hockaday prior to beginning a virtual program cohort.  Program Coordinators and facilitators will work with ISU for several weeks prior to starting a virtual program.  Familiarity with your virtual platform, understanding the need for additional staff commitment, and adaptations to certain activities within the curriculum are all discussed in the planning phase.  ISU will also continue to provide assistance and support during the delivery over the program’s seven (7) weeks.  It is essential to work with ISU around these areas for virtual delivery of Familias Fuertes to stay as close to fidelity to the researched model of the program as possible, thus allowing for the desired outcomes to occur.  

For both facilitator training and virtual implementation questions and planning of Familias Fuertes, please reach out to both the EPIS Implementation Specialist and Cathy Hockaday of ISU.  It is noted that as the Spanish adaptation of SFP 10-14, Familias Fuertes will have similar considerations for virtual planning and implementation.

You can find additional information on COVID-19 and resources for Familias Fuertes on the Iowa State University Extension website:  https://www.extension.iastate.edu/sfp10-14/covid-19

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