LifeSkills Training Research Articles and Resources


Resources from the April 9, 2013 PA LST Networking Meeting
On April 9, 2013, LST providers from around the Commonwealth of PA met at the EPISCenter for a networking meeting.  Below are the materials and resources that were shared. 

Meeting Notes

Presentation Powerpoint
Elevator Speech Worksheet
LST Impact Powerpoint
Communicating Outcomes Template

LST Sample Data Analysis Report This is a sample report compiled from LST student pre and post survey data.

LST Budget Planning Worksheet
Planning for sustainability is an important part of evidence based program implementation.  The LST Budget Planning Worksheet will help you determine what costs to plan for, and identify a funding source for each.

Resources from the December 3, 2012 PA LST Networking Meeting
LST providers from around Pennsylvania met at the EPISCenter to discuss delivering the program with fidelity while successfully engaging students with the curriculum and meeting session objectives.

Posted below are two resources from the meeting:
LST Student Engagement Networking Powerpoint
Lesson Engagement Activities for LST MS Curriculum

LST Enrichment Activities
This document created by NHPA discusses enrichment activities to enhance the LST lessons and create more student engagement with the curriculum. 

7 Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Use of Fidelity Observation Tools  These strategies will help evidence based program managers and facilitators enhance their use of fidelity observation tools.

A Guide for Implementing a LifeSkills Training Program
This link will take you to the NHPA website where an excellent resource is located to help you plan for your LST implementation. 


LST Communicating Impact Powerpoint Slides
These powerpoint slides can be modified to help communicate the impact of the LST curriculum in your community.  Use them to share outcomes information about your program with key stakeholders.

LST Communicating Outcomes Template with Graph
Share the data you have collected with your community.  Show them the changes LST is making in your school and with your students using one of these easy to use templates.


Implementing the LifeSkills Training Program drug prevention program:  factors related to implementation quality (2008)
This research article discusses how widespread replication of effective prevention programs is unlikely to affect the incidence of adolescent delinquency, violent crime, and substance use until the quality of implementation of these programs by community-based organizations can be assured. 

Top Tier Evidence Initiative-LifeSkills Training (2009)
 This document provides an evidence summary for LifeSkills Training, and also presents highlights from the following categories: intervention; evaluation methods; key findings; and other.

Refusal Skill Ability:  An Examination of Adolescent Perceptions of Effectiveness (2010)
This article discusses a pilot study which examined whether refusal assertion as defined by a proven drug prevention program was associated with adolescent perceptions of effectiveness by comparing two sets of coded responses to adolescent videotaped refusal role-plays