LST Quality Assurance Review

One of the requirements of PCCD grant-funded programs is for the program’s developer or their designee to conduct a Fidelity Verification Review of sites/agencies, indicating whether or not programs are being implemented with sufficient quality and fidelity, and per the grant proposals. The Fidelity Verification Review Process is an integral part of promoting model adherence, quality implementation, sustainability, and demonstrating program outcomes and impact. It also gives the developer or designee a means to provide necessary feedback should there be any notable areas of improvement needed.

The Fidelity Verification Process is completed in Quarter 1 or Quarter 2 of Year 2 of the grant period. Listed below is the process that you are expected to complete if you are implementing LifeSkills Training program(s) funded by a PCCD grant.

Fidelity Verification Process

  1. PCCD Grantee contacts Craig Zettle to:
    1. Receive a list of questions to complete and return by a certain date.
    2. Schedule fidelity verification phone consultation.
    3. Coordinate Developer Designee Compensation.
  2. Developer’s designee facilitates fidelity verification phone consultation. Then he/she completes the Fidelity Verification document with a rating and the checklist. The completed rating and checklist is then sent to the grantee as well as the EPISCenter PC.
  3. PCCD grantee:
    1. Scans/Emails letter to PCCD Analyst.
    2. Submits final letter into Egrants no later than Quarter 3 of Year 2, of the grant period.
  4. If necessary, follow-up with EPISCenter PC to discuss developer recommendations.

Additional Information

Cost for the Fidelity Verification process will vary depending on the program implementation. Fidelity Verification Cost for LST include a phone consultation and the completion of the Fidelity Verification Rating and Checklist. This cost to complete the fidelity verification process is $75/per hour. Phone consultations and time for the evaluator to complete the checklist usually take 2-3 hours to complete.

Contact Craig Zettle to schedule the Fidelity Verification Process: