Incredible Years Discount Curriculum Ordering Process for Providers

1.) The provider will complete the EPISCenter IYS Order Form and Worksheet, this has been updated to automatically calculate the appropriate discount for each curriculum item and shipping costs which are added to the total on order form. Please be sure to include a detailed shipping address. 

2.) Please note this process is only for ordering curriculums all other materials should be ordered directly from the developer.

3.) The provider then sends the completed order form to the EPISCenter, 

  • 403 S. Allen Street, Suite 206, State College, PA  16801 or scan/email it to with the subject line “IYS Order Form”.

4. ) The EPISCenter will compile the orders and send them to The Incredible Years.

5.)The Incredible Years will ship materials directly to the provider.

6.) The Incredible Years will invoice the provider.

7.) The provider will pay the Incredible Years within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Please make checks payable to “Incredible Years”.

8.) Any questions about this process can be directed to:


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