IYS Fidelity Verification Process

One of the requirements of PCCD grant-funded programs is for the program’s developer or their designee to conduct a Fidelity Verification Review of sites/agencies, indicating whether or not programs are being implemented with sufficient quality and fidelity, and per the grant proposals.  The Fidelity Verification Review Process is an integral part of promoting model adherence, quality implementation, sustainability, and demonstrating program outcomes and impact.  It also gives the developer or designee a means to provide necessary feedback should there be any notable areas of improvement needed.  

The Fidelity Verification Process is completed at the end of Year 1.  Listed below is the process that you are expected to complete if you are implementing The Incredible Years program(s) funded by a PCCD grant.

Fidelity Verification Process

  1. PCCD Grantee contacts Emily Barkley to:
    1. Schedule fidelity verification phone conference.
    2. Coordinate Developer Compensation.
  2. Developer and/or developer’s designee facilitates fidelity verification phone conference.  Then he/she completes the Fidelity Verification document with a rating and the checklist.  This form is then sent to the grantee as well as the EPISCenter PC.
  3. PCCD grantee:
    1. Scans/Emails letter to PCCD Analyst.
    2. Submits final letter into Egrants no later than Year 2, Quarter 1 of the grant period.
  4. If necessary, follow-up with EPISCenter PC to discuss developer recommendations.


Additional Information

Emily Barkley's contact information: emilyb@incredibleyears.com

Cost for the Fidelity Verification process to be completed will vary.  The Fidelity Verification process is completed for each of the IYS programs that a site is implementing.  This process takes approximately 3-4 hours and includes: a 2 hour phone conference, and time for the evaluator to complete the Fidelity Verification Rating and Checklist.  If a site is implementing one IYS program, the cost will be $210/hour for the 3-4 hour time period.  If a site is implementing two IYS programs, the cost doubles, as each program will need to be evaluated by the Incredible Years developer. 

Fidelity Verification Cost Breakdown
Program Model Cost Length Estimated Cost  
IYS Basic Parent $210/hour 3-4 hours $630.00-$840.00 Estimated costs include 2 video reviews- see detailed explanation, below
IYS Advance Parent $210/hour 3-4 hours $630.00-$840.00
IYS Small Group Therapy $210/hour 3-4 hours $630.00-$840.00
IYS Dina Classroom $210/hour 3-4 hours $630.00-$840.00




Video review and participation in the accreditation process is strongly recommended to support fidelity and is required in order for sites to receive an “excellent” rating on implementation. 

Group Leader Accredidation fees are $600 per application, per person.  The cost for hourly video review should be budgeted at $105 per hour for each group leader pursing accreditation and is in addition to the fidelity verification phone conference cost. 

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