IYS Outcomes Report Guidance and Template

As a requirement of funding under PCCD's Research-based Initiative, all grantees are required to submit a cumulative Outcomes Report. The purpose of the report is to relate the experience of the grantee in implementing the program, and to summarize the data collected to measure program reach, implementation quality, and impact. Beyond meeting the reporting requirements of PCCD, the Outcomes Report also serves as a valuable tool for communicating the program's impact to local stakeholders.

Tools needed to complete the Outcomes Report Requirement:

  • IYS Outcomes Report Template
    This word document can be used by sites to fill in their site specific information for PCCD's Outcomes Report requirement. (Updated April 2013)
  • IYS Worksheet for Aggregating Data for Your IYS Outcomes Report
    This worksheet is intended to help you aggregate your data from your IYS PM calculation spreadsheet(s) for the PCCD Outcomes Report requirement.   It is important to use this worksheet to aggregate your data before beginning to complete the Outcomes Report. 


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