School and Classroom Resources

Networking Meeting Resources
The EPISCenter hosted a networking meeting for Pennsylvania implementers of the PATHS® curriculum on March 20, 2013.  Below are some of the resources shared at the meeting:

Academic Standards

  • The PATHS® program can help students meet the National Common Core Standards
    In March 2012,the PA Board of Education approved the National Common Core Standards (NCCS) for English Language Arts and Math.  The PATHS®curriculum correlates closely to the NCCS for English and the Channing Bete Company has created these resources to help schools make the academic connection.
  • PA Student Interpersonal Skills Standards
    The PATHS® curriculum aligns with the PA Standards for Student Interpersonal Standards that are skills that are to be taught and supported within every content area and classroom by every teacher.  This document outlines the standards for grades Pre K-12.  Teachers can use this document to integrate the PATHS® curriculum with these standards.


Your PATHS® Trainer can provide you with a variety of resources to support your implementation. A manual for administrators, morning announcements, and guidelines for key concepts are just a few of the resources that are available. Please make sure to communicate your resource needs to your PATHS® Trainer.

  • Social Emotional Booklist
    A list of books that are related to social emotional skills and a great resource for teachers and those implementing PATHS®.  Literature is a perfect way to tie together social emotional concepts and academic skills.  Created by The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning.