Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) Training, Support and Materials Costs

These costs are based on training and support provided by Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. (ETA) ETA is based in Erie, PA. Please contact them for pricing details and scheduling commitment.

ART® costs for training, support, and fidelity monitoring

  • Training (Trainer travel is not included in these costs and varies with distance from ETA)
    • Initial 2 day facilitator, @ $3500/day = $7000 (up to 25 people)
      (includes 1 year of Fidelity Management cost is $1500 if done separately)
    • 1 day booster training @ $2500 (up to 25 people)
    • Agency Trainer (TOT) @ $2500/person
      (Recommend budgeting for 2 Agency Trainers per organization)
  • Support/Fidelity Monitoring (see more detail in ETA Work Statement)
    These costs are included in the Facilitator training but must be budgeted separately at $1500 if the facilitators are trained through other means. (i.e. attends another agency’s training)
    • Check in calls and visits for first year
    • On site observation of sessions
    • Review of video tapes, toward facilitator proficiency rating
    • Letter and recommendations to PCCD


  • Available from Research Press 
    • ART® Curriculum and supporting books (Recommend 1 for each pair of facilitators)
      • ART® Third Edition (includes CD) $44.95
      • Skillstreaming Adolescent  $46.95
      • Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child $46.95
      • (needed for youth under the age of 14 or youth at low literacy or developmental levels)
    • How I Think Questionnaire (HIT) $29.95 w manual and 20 - $26.95 for 20
      (Should purchase 2 for each youth to be  served, used pre and post curriculum delivery)
  • Available from Western Psychological Services (WPS) 
    • Aggression Questionnaire (AQ) $112.50 w manual and 25 - $50.00 for 25
      (Should purchase 2 for each youth to be  served, used as pre and post curriculum delivery)

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