Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) Training, Support and Materials Costs

  1. On-Site Training : Three day clinical training $3500 (per day) + expenses
    Includes Implementation Training Manual (Max 25 trainees)

Fidelity Monitoring  $1500

The one year fidelity monitoring with an assigned Master Trainer to assure model adherence implementation to include:

  • Fidelity checklist review
  • Phone consultation - monthly ½ hour call (per cohort)
  • Videotape review (facilitator videotaping for proficiency)

Materials to be purchased from Research Press prior to training:


  1. College and Career Readiness Curriculum For Agencies $2500


  1. Online 2 Day ART Training (Includes SS & Anger Control books) $595


  1. Move to Learn, Learn to Move (3hr Workshop Training) $1795 per day + travel
    Includes 24hr Online Access to our Movement Library $595 one-time fee


  1. Agency Consultation for Model Adherence

We do provide consultation on an hourly basis and should an agency, that may already have started a

program but wants to assure model adherence, need technical or outcome measurement assistance and

wants to contract with ETA, Inc. we provide that consultation for $150.00 per hour.


  1. Agency Train the Trainer

For sites that are interested in sustainability we provide agency trainer’s training.

Cost is $3000 per person.  Includes one year access to our Agency Trainer Portal.


  1. Agency Trainer Portal $595 yearly renewal

*$3250 per year for the whole site*


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