Places to Recruit New Clinicians

Places to Recruit New Clinicians
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1. The local newspaper

  • The percent of readers accessing the news on-line is growing, so be sure your job posting is also included on the newspaper’s website.

2. On-line job advertisement sites such as,, and

  • Traffic on these sites is generally highest early in the week, so posting your opening Sunday night or Monday morning increases the likelihood it will be seen.  

3. Nearby colleges and universities

  • Contact the Chairs of relevant graduate departments (e.g., counseling, social work, psychology) and ask how best to reach their graduate students and grad program alumni with your job opening. For instance, some universities have alumni Facebook pages where the department shares job opportunities. 
  • Contact the career development department to learn about opportunities to reach students, including upcoming Job Fairs.

4. Professional organizations

5. Word of mouth

  • Ask your existing team to share the job opening with their friends by posting it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

6. Social media

  • Does your agency have a Facebook page or Twitter feed? Share the job listing there. 

7. Your agency website

  • Local job seekers may look on agency websites for open positions, particularly if your agency has a strong reputation in the community.