Common Errors to Avoid When Completing the PCCD Quarterly Report Spreadsheet

Save yourself the trouble of having to re-submit your PCCD quarterly report

  • All yellow cells for the quarter you are reporting should have a number, even if you have to enter a '0'. There should be no black yellow cells for a quarter that you have completed.
  • Make sure you remove all identifying data. If your spreadsheet has the auto-save 'macro' button, use it! Then submit all tabs of your spreadsheet to PCCD.
  • If you are entering a new year, make sure you are using the latest version of the spreadsheet.
  • Enter data 'cumulatively' into one spreadsheet for each year. Do not start a new spreadsheet each quarter. Continue entering data in the same spreadsheet for year one. Start a second spreadsheet in year two.
  • When entering data, avoid using cut, copy, paste, or fill features. Youth may unknowingly delete important formatting. To delete data from a cell use 'clear contents'.
  • Do not attempt to un-protect the spreadsheets. You risk deleting important formulas, and the spreadsheet will not correctly calculate your performance measures.
  • After entering your raw data, read each performance measure carefully and look at the number the spreadsheet is reporting. If it looks wrong, email your prevention coordinator before submitting.

Don't hesitate to contact your prevention coordinator with questions. Let us know if you have any other tips we should be sharing.