Conference Presentations and Posters
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  • Communities That Care (CTC):  Diffusion of Research-Based Prevention in Pennsylvania (Louis Brown)
    This presentation summarizes the current state of the CTC implementation and technical support in Pennsylvania including information from recently published studies examining the effectiveness of the CTC model in PA.  (2010/SPR Conference)

  • Current Practices and Challenges in Encouraging High Standards in CTC (Louis Brown)
    This presentation provides an overall snapshot of the current CTC sites in Pennsylvania.  Overall, it appears that self-reported fidelity is generally high (although there is room for improvement), training received is minimal, and sites are experienced in the CTC model.  In regards to sites' support of evidence-based programs, there appears to be substantial room for improvement in providing ongoing training and fidelity monitoring and evaluation capacity building is greatly needed.  (2010/SPR Conference)

  • Coalition Leadership Institute 
    The most recent technical assistance provided for Communities that Care coalitions and other coalition sites across Pennsylvania was a Coalition Leadership Insitute held in State College on June 15, 2010.  Several topics of interest to coalition initiatives were presented including Evidence-based Programs and Policy, Advocacy and Media Relations Training, Sustainability, and Communities that Care Key Leaders Orientation.  Click on the links below to access these presentations.