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  • Attorney General Holder Calls for Improvements to Juvenile Justice System
    At the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference on March 7, 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder alluded to the progressive approach of of PCCD in supporting Communities That Care in Pennsylvania: "it's time to broaden our approach to juvenile justice - and to ensure that sound research and respected analysis are a part of our decision-making process.  We know that we must transition from a prosecution-and-punishment model to a prevention-and-intervention paradigm.  We also must adopt a comprehensive plan of action - one that engages law-enforcement partners, medical professionals, social services providers, lawyers, parents, teachers, coaches, mentors and community leaders."
    Click the link above for the full speech.

  • Facebook Page Developed to Connect with CTC Sites
    The University of Washington's Social Development Research Group, led by CTC developers J. David Hawkins and Richard F. Catalano, have launched a Facebook page to connect you and your communities to SDRG and one another.  Click the link above to access the page.