EBP 101: Selecting an Evidence-based Program

This series of videos will address program selection.

What Do We Mean by "Evidence-Based?"

A discussion of all that is implied by the term, and why it's so important to prevention practitioners.


Identifying & Understanding Program Registries

Guidance on utilizing these helpful resources.


Programs that Target Prioritized Risk & Protective Factors

How to be sure a program addresses community priorities.


Which Programs Do We Have the Capacity to Sustain?

Better understanding the diverse requirements of EBPs.


Programs Not on Registries or Without Research

 What to do if you're interested in utilizing a program that's lacking research evidence.


Can a Program be Harmful?

Though well intentioned, not all programs help- some even cause damage.


Grant Writing: Linking the Chosen Program with Identified Needs

Helpful tips on completing this portion of a grant proposal.