Creative Strategies For Grant Writing

Thanks to everyone that attended and participated in Funding Your Evidence-based Program Vision: Creative Strategies for Grant Writing training on April 25, 2013. Below are the presentations and materials made available at the training.

Congratulations to the winning team of the grant proposal presentations, Turtle Lake School District! All of the teams had amazing proposals and the competition was very close.

Turtle Lake School District


  • Getting Ready to Write
    Understanding grant sources and key elements of a request for proposals.
  • Grant Planning & Readiness
    Utilizing your community's prevention strategy to guide program selection and proposal planning and building organizational & community capacity to plan for grant implementation
  • Demonstrating Need
    Learn how to use data to illustrate the special needs of your community.  This powerpoint presentation includes links to data resources and highlights ways to avoid common pitfalls when writing a statement of need.
  • Projecting Your Impact
    Connecting a program's theory of change and demonstrated outcomes to intended local impact
  • Writing A Detailed Implementation Plan
    Learn some strategies for creating a clear implementation plan and then how to efficiently communicate of all of the important  implementation details.
  • Justifying Budget Expenses
    Developing a concise budget and understanding the connection between a justified budget and sustainability
  • Top 10 Grant Writing Tips
    Simple strategies for effective grant writing.

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