Funding for FFT & MST Training

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The Resource Center for Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Programs and Practices (“The Resource Center”) provides coordinated funding for training to assist providers with the cost of training for evidence-based intervention programs. This coordinated funding acknowledges that new therapists may be needed due to staff turnover or to program expansion, and the cost of training new therapists can pose a hardship to evidence-based intervention programs as they strive to be fiscally sound.

  • The Resource Center will pay 50% of the training fee for new hires at existing Functional Family Therapy sites and Multisystemic Therapy teams.
  • The FFT National Series for Replacement Training and MST 5-day orientation are eligible.
  •   In order to ensure funds are available throughout the year and all providers have the opportunity to access funds if needed, each FFT and MST program is allotted a limited number of funding slots.

o   The number of therapists that may be funded per program each year is equal to the program’s number of teams. For example, a program with one MST team can receive funding for one therapist, while a program with six teams can receive funding for up to six therapists annually.

o   Although the number of slots allotted is based on number of teams, the slots are given to the program as a whole and agencies may use their slots for therapists hired to any of their teams.

o   In Quarter 4, any remaining funds will be made available on a “first come, first serve” basis, with care taken to ensure that providers who have not yet received funding are able to access it, if needed.

Provider Responsibilities:

  • Providers must submit a request for funding to the EPISCenter at least one week prior to the training. The EPISCenter will notify the provider of approval and the provider will be responsible for then forwarding the approval to the billing entity (e.g., FFT Inc., MST Services). A link to the request form is provided below.
  • Providers are responsible for paying the balance of the training fee and covering all travel costs. Although the fee supplement is available regardless of where the new hire trains, providers are encouraged to use local or regional trainings wherever possible in order to minimize travel costs.
  • To be considered eligible for the supplemental funding from the Resource Center, providers must meet the expectations of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency with respect to statewide data collection procedures. For FFT and MST, this specifically includes the use of INSPIRE to collect and report provider-level data and compliance with quarterly reporting procedures. Providers are also expected to participate in Learning Communities coordinated by the EPISCenter, including provider networking meetings and conference calls.

Billing Process for Approved Trainees:

  • FFT Inc. and MST Services will invoice individual providers for their portion of the training fee and will invoice the state designee for the Resource Center’s portion on a quarterly basis.  
  • Invoices to the state designee must include the name of the trainee.

Questions should be directed to the EPISCenter at or (814) 863-2568.

Download or print a copy of this training funding information

Download or print a copy of the Request Form