SPEP Learning Center

The Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP™) is based on Dr. Mark Lipsey’s meta-analysis of over 700 research studies to determine “what works” at reducing recidivism among juvenile offenders. Research findings indicated four factors most strongly related to recidivism reduction: (1) youth risk level and aggressive/violent history, (2) program philosophy, and type, (3) quality of service and (4) amount of service. The SPEP™ is used to assess a service according to these four factors resulting in a recidivism reduction score. The Performance Improvement Process is used to increase the service’s recidivism reduction score between assessments to increase the service’s likelihood of reducing recidivism among juvenile offenders.

SPEP™ Informed Trainings can be facilitated for individual probation departments, service providers, or regionally upon request. For more information about SPEP™ Informed Trainings or inviting a training to your area, please contact Shawn Peck, SPEP™ Project Manager at smp31@psu.edu

Upcoming Events

Training Description Date
Level 1 SPEP™ Specialist Training- Hosted by Chester County Juvenile Probation Please contact Shawn Peck, SPEP™ Project Manager at smp31@psu.edu with questions May 26-27, 2020