EPIS Training Information

Welcome to the EPIS Training Information page: Increasing prevention impact through training and professional development. Click here to view a presentation outlining the long-term plans for the institute.

EPIS has developed this institute with the goal of improving outcomes for families and youth through training and professional development. Since 2008, EPIS has been partnering with researchers, policy makers and real-world practitioners in an effort to promote the following objectives:

  • Broad scale dissemination of effective programs and practices
  • High quality implementation
  • Valid impact assessment
  • Long term sustainability
  • Cost effectiveness

As a result of these partnerships we have learned a great deal about what it takes to successfully connect research, policy and real-world practice in a way that translates into better outcomes for families and children. The five learning centers of this institute feature trainings and resources that synthesize and highlight this knowledge.

Evidence-Based Programming

High quality training designed to help your program succeed. 

Comprehensive Prevention Planning

Training and technical assistance opportunities for prevention planning and coalition building.

SPEP™ (Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol)

Proven methods for assessing and improving juvenile justice programs.

Research & Data

Learn about effective data collection and keep up with the latest in prevention science.


Ensure your organization is solvent and successful well into the future.