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Welcome to the Communicating Impact virtual training page.  Originally held on April 24, 2012 at the Penn Stater, this page is our way of keeping the creative spirit of that day going.  Below you will find information that can help you plan communication strategies, develop materials, or simply make a better plan for collecting data.  We want to help you tell your stakeholders the story of your work.

Communication Goals and Theory-driven Strategies
Did you know that understanding how people think can help you create a strong message? want to know more?  Watch and listen to this presentation by Dr. Rachel Smith.

Using Randomized Control Trials & Cost-Benefit Data
Content Coming Soon!  Blueprints programs are special, and so is the science behind them.  Watch and listen as Brian Bumbarger explains how to use the research that has already been done to convince stakeholders that your program is worth investing in.

Developing Impact Messages Using Program Data
You've got data!  Now how do you turn it into something you can use?  Listen and watch as Kimberly McCarthy and Brittany Rhoades show how to highlight your data in a way that tells the story of your work!

Preparing to Collect Quality Data
New to data collection?  This is for you.  Roger Spaw, Kim Peters, and Lee Ann Cook walk you through a practical guide to measuring the impact of your work.

Using Research Outcomes to Promote Community Buy-in Locally
Many data resources are out there if you know where to look.   This power point describes how to find and use them to build support for evidence based programing in your community.

Communication Storytelling
Content coming soon from Melanie Doebler, Chris Calkins, and Will Yurman.

Success Stories From the Field
This page will feature you!  Get ideas from these Pennsylvania professionals who were featured in the success stories panel on April 24, 2012.  These are real life examples of how to effectively communicate with stakeholders.

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